American Panel Hearth Pads

Accent your home with a quality hearth pad from American Panel. 

American Panel provides a choice of forty styles, nine standard sizes, five shapes and optional finished pedestals. American Panel Hearth Products have been designed and manufactured with your home in mind. Five year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and product failure under normal use. 

You’ll find our complete line of quality hearth products manufactured to meet your budget and design needs. 

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American Panel hearth pads
American Panel hearth pads

John Wright Steamers, Kettles & Trivets

Home is where the heart is 

We carry John Wright hearth and home accessories. John Wright steamers and kettles were designed with this popular adage in mind. If you are curled up in front of your stove on a cold, wintry day, the gentle fragrance from a long-lasting steamer or kettle from John Wright will add that special touch. The John Wright Company takes pride in making quality products that last! 


John Wright steamers, made of the highest quality, are cast in iron and features a durable porcelain finish inside and out to resist rusting and chipping. Used for humidifying, it will bring a pleasant fragrance to a room when filled with potpourri.  


John Wright kettles are porcelain-coated inside and out to resist corrosion and chipping and feature a decorative brass-plated handle. Designed to humidify the room, the addition of potpourri will also bring an inviting fragrance into your home. Sit the kettle directly on the stove or on one of our decorative round trivets.


Designed to match their steamers, John Wright trivets are also porcelain-coated to resist rusting and chipping. Used under Steamers, they protect your woodstove from scratches and also slow down the heating process (so you don’t have to fill the steamers as frequently!). 

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John Wright hearth products
John Wright hearth products

Love-Less Ash Vacuum 

Easy, quick and headache free, the CHEETAH II AshVac is the original AshVac. Specifically designed to remove warm and cold ash, the CHEETAH II cleans stoves/fireplaces in the most convenient and safe way. 

  • Powerful performance from 6 amp motor for superior suction and extended life
  • Two Layers of Filtration: Protects against fire and filters the finest ash 
  • You’ll be able to clean your stove multiple times before emptying the large capacity canister 
  • Proudly made in the USA 
  • Filters can be cleaned by agitating a rod on the outside of the vacuum 
  • Pellet stove, fireplace, BBQ, coal stoves, biofuel stoves, pizza ovens, fire pits, outdoor ovens 
  • Metal hose and canister, and fire-resistant plastic components keeps your home safe 
  • Patented dual filter system engineered to capture fine ash 

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Love-Less Ash Vacuum
Love-Less Ash Vacuum