Selkirk Chimneys

Selkirk: The rugged all-fuel chimney designed for maximum safety and performance!

We stock SelkirkSURE-TEMP Class A all-fuel chimneys, as well as B-Vent and Pellet Vent chimneys and L-Vent connector pipes. SURE-TEMP by Selkirk is designed with a stainless steel outer casing for all fuel applications. The SURE-TEMP premium series chimney system includes a variety of components that may be combined in a wide variety of ways to meet most any chimney installation requirement.

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Selkirk Sure Temp stove pipe
Selkirk Sure Temp stove pipe

RLH Industries Flex Liners

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Systems

INTEGRITY is America’s premier stainless steel chimney lining system. It’s been redesigned to be the ideal product to satisfy your venting needs from properly sizing your hot water heater, to an on site engineered commercial project.

INTEGRITY stainless steel chimney liners and components are manufactured from only prime 316L stainless steel from US mills. 316L stainless steel has a greater corrosion threshold at low temperatures with superior high temperature stability. This alloy is ideal for all fuel venting: wood, coal, gas, oil and pellet fuels. These chimney liner systems are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.

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RHL Industries chimney liner kit
RHL Industries chimney liner kit