Rental Center Terms and Conditions

Description2 Hour4 Hour8 HourWeekMonth
Drain Cleaner, 25ft Crank$6$6$8$24$72
Drain Cleaner, Closet Auger$6$6$8$24$72
Drain Cleaner, Snake, 3/4 x 100$6$6$8$24$72
Drain Drill Snake, 35′ – up to 2″ lines$13$18$24$96$288
Drain Sewer Cleaner, 50′ – up to 2″ lines$15$25$30$120$360
Drain Sewer Machine, 104ft – up 6″ lines$25$40$55$220$660
Pipe Cutter, Hand$6$8$10$40$120
Pipe Threader Vise$6$8$10$40$120
Pipe Threader w/ Handle$8$10$12$48$144
Pump, 2″ Clear Water, Gas$18$27$35$140$420
Pump, 2″ Electric Submersible$15$20$25$100$300
Pump, 3/4 HP Submersible$8$11$14$56$168
Well Driver, Hand$10$10$12$48$144